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Eurosystem and collateral

In line with its statute, the Eurosystem provides credit only against adequate collateral. Typically, collateral refers to marketable financial securities, such as bonds, or other types of assets, such as non-marketable assets or cash. The term “eligible asset” is used for assets that are accepted as collateral by the Eurosystem.

The eligibility of assets is assessed by the national central banks according to the criteria specified in the Eurosystem legal framework for monetary policy instruments. This consists of the “General framework” and the “Temporary framework”. The Temporary framework complements, amends or overrules the General framework.

Search for eligible marketable assets

All marketable eligible assets are listed in the eligible asset database, which the ECB updates on a daily basis. The simplest way to check if an asset is eligible is to search the eligible asset database using various criteria. You can also use the tools available in the download area.

Looking for an eligible asset that is not listed in the eligible assets database?

If you think an asset fulfils the Eurosystem eligibility criteria but cannot find it using the online database search functions or in the download area, please contact the relevant national central bank of the country in which the asset is admitted to trading.

Looking for more information on an asset?

For general questions on assets, please contact the relevant national central bank of the country in which the asset is admitted to trading.

Contact information for the national central banks

Looking for statistics on collateral?

A wide range of data on collateral used in the context of Eurosystem credit operations is publicly available.

Cross-border Eurosystem collateral statistics Eurosystem collateral data

Key publications

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