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Previous public consultations


20 November 2013
ECB consults on draft recommendations for the security of mobile payments
Draft recommendations
Templates for comments
Deadline: 31 January 2014
7 June 2013
ECB consults on draft regulation on oversight requirements for systemically important payment systems
Draft regulation
Template for comments
Deadline: 9 August 2013
31 January 2013
Public consultation "Recommendations for “payment account access” services"
Invitation to comment
Deadline: 12 April 2013


20 April 2012
Public consultation "Recommendations for the security of internet payments"
Deadline: 20 June 2012.


23 December 2009
Public consultation on the provision of ABS loan-level information in the Eurosystem collateral framework
Deadline: 26 February 2010.


10 August 2009
Eurosystem consults on draft oversight frameworks for credit transfer and direct debit schemes
Deadline: 10 November 2009.
31 March 2009
ESCB and CESR consult on draft recommendations for central counterparties as amended for OTC derivatives
Press release
Deadline: 17 April 2009.


30 September 2008
Public consultation on glossary of terms related to payment, clearing and settlement systems
Press release
Deadline: 1 January 2009
23 October 2008
Public consultation on a draft ESCB-CESR recommendations for securities clearing and settlement systems and central counterparties in the EU
Press release
Deadline: 23 January 2009
1 September 2008
Public consultation on the Eurosystem Single Interface
Deadline: 28 November 2008
26 February 2008
CCBM2: Public consultation on the user requirements
Press release
Deadline: 5 May 2008


18 December 2007
TARGET2-Securities: Public consultation on the draft T2S user requirements and on the methodology for the economic impact analysis
Press release
Deadline: 2 April 2008
14 May 2007
Oversight of payment infrastructures
Terms of Reference for the oversight assessment of euro systemically and prominently important payment systems against the
Core Principles (ToR).
Implementation guide
Press release
Deadline: 14 August 2007
As no comments were received, the two documents are now final
Press release of 12 Nov 2007
3 May 2007
(Draft) Oversight framework for card payment schemes
26 April 2007
TARGET2-Securities: Public consultation on the general principles and high-level proposals
Joint press release
Deadline: 27 June 2007


10 May 2005
Payment systems business continuity issues paper


26 October 2004
E-payments without frontiers - issues paper
E-payments in Europe conference summary and final version of issues paper


1 August 2003
ESCB-CESR Standards for Securities Clearing and Settlement Systems in the European Union
Call for contributions from interested parties and responses received, 12 January 2004.
11 June 2003
Measures to improve the collateral framework of the Eurosystem
Summary of comments received, 15 January 2004
Press release, 15 January 2004


14 July 2003
TARGET2: principles and structure, Call for contributions from interested parties and responses received
7 October 2002
Measures to improve the efficiency of the operational framework for monetary policy
Summary of comments received on the measures proposed to improve the operational framework for monetary policy, 23. January 2003
16 September 2002
E-payments in Europe - conference and public consultation
E-payments in Europe - The Eurosystem’s perspective
16 September 2002
ACI Consultation on the integration of short-term securities markets in Europe
The European Central Bank (ECB) has agreed to a request from the ACI, the Financial Markets Association, to host on its behalf a consultation on how the European short-term securities markets can be further integrated
8 July 2002
Oversight standards for euro retail payment systems, consultation announcement, response of the ECB and final report
19 March 2002
Electronic money systems security objectives
Press release of 23 May 2003
15 March 2002
Joint work of the European System of Central Banks and the Committee of European Securities Regulators in the field of clearing and settlement
Call for contributions from interested parties and responses received